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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child."  George Santayana

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Sankofa Student Consultants provides a number of services to enhance the education of African American students.  We offer a perennial curriculum which serves to unite the African American community with the same worldview – motivating a drive towards self-determination and mental restoration.  

A fragment of the" Wild Men and Moors" 1440 German Tapestry; notice the European wild men outside attacking the African moors inside the castle.

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Perennial Literature

And so in red it is written,

so that I may first forgive myself.  

I will honor my upbringing

as pertinent to my survival

as raised in that environment

in which I was raised –

or being brought up,

in such an environment

as I was allowed to be

brought up.  

The environmental judgements

of morality, which satisfied

the first hierarchy of needs –

that of to eat.

And the second –

to be sheltered to its present

ability, in safety.

To glance upon those survivors

and emulate,

after being scorned

by the outside environs

for being associated with the inside,

for being respected as much

and treated as such –

and being sucked further still

by lack of outside opportunities,

of being raised by those

inflicted by such defeats.

Accepting the hand that feeds you

as more righteous than any outside condemnation,

and in doing so

perform in the same manner

as those you trust, love, and therefore imitate.  

To condemn the person of such an environ,

and not the environ which crated such a person,

is to keep in existence

the machine which creates the condemned.

Once a victim

but now a perpetuation

of a vicious cycle,

that times in the past,

insiders tried to break,

but were brutally murdered –

assassinated for their efforts.

I have been targeted.

A bullseye to remain a bullseye,

but my aim

is to destroy the machine.

Transform the environ.

My atonement,

depends on my trial.  


Poem By Shamela McClain



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