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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child."  George Santayana

Welcome to Sankofa Student Consultants

Sankofa Student Consultants provides a number of services to enhance the education of African American students.  We offer a perennial curriculum which serves to unite the African American community with the same worldview – motivating a drive towards self-determination and mental restoration.  

A fragment of the" Wild Men and Moors" 1440 German Tapestry; notice the European wild men outside attacking the African moors inside the castle.

Resources for the homeschooling community!

About Sankofa Student Consultants and Services

Services provided include:

✔️Direct consulting for public educators and homeschool providers.

✔️An Afro-centric curriculum which aligns with the common core state standards.

An African history online course for adults.

✔️A Black History Month curriculum for parents & public school teachers.

✔️Individualized learning plans for public and homeschooled students.

✔️Private tutoring in the Bay Area, CA.  

✔️Assessments in the Bay Area, CA.  

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"We will either find a way or make a way."  Hannibal


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