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"A child educated only at school is an uneducated child."  George Santayana

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Sankofa Student Consultants provides a number of services to enhance the education of African American students.  We offer a perennial curriculum which serves to unite the African American community with the same worldview – motivating a drive towards self-determination and mental restoration.  

A fragment of the" Wild Men and Moors" 1440 German Tapestry; notice the European wild men outside attacking the African moors inside the castle.

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Continuing the Legacy of Competency in African American Students

Why do we need a Perennial Education for our kids?

There are many resources available to ensure your child meets the minimum requirements necessary for an accreddited Home-schooled education. Click here to reference the national Common Core Standards!

There are also many different laws applicable to different states.  Click here to review the homeschooling laws in your state!

     A perennial education serves to unite the populace with the same worldview. Defined contextually as “existing or continuing in the same way for a long time (Merriam Webster, 2016),” explains how the community come to value the same ideals.

     In America, the perennial education system is designed to serve and uplift European American students. By portraying European peoples as the characters in most school texts and educational videos, it builds the level of competency of European children,

which in turn gives them the confidence and belief that they can do anything.

     African American children are missing this valuable piece of education in their most crucial years of development. Instead of seeing themselves as capable, they associate capability with those they witness accomplishing great things; whom are usually of the European race.

     In order to build the level of competency in African American children, they must see themselves accomplishing great feats.  


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